Our multi-disciplinary engineering team delivers a range of quality services. SEA’s focus is the practical application of technology – to reduce cost, reduce risk and add value.

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SEA is the developer of the ICE Platform, which provides an innovative, modern approach to engineering. The ICE Platform integrates data science tooling with engineering analysis methodologies to facilitate an innovative way of performing detailed analysis rapidly, efficiently and at scale. The ICE Platform provides a fresh approach for engineering analysis, where engineers assemble analysis workflows, which enables analysis to be performed with high levels of detail within seemingly impossible timeframes.

Digital Twins

This modern approach to engineering is made possible through using the strong foundations of applying cloud computing to store detailed asset data for use in analysis. The asset digital twin is at the core of the ICE Platform, which securely organises and stores data so it can be read and updated automatically. The digital twins are updated as projects mature from concept, through design, and into the operate and integrity management phases by layering in the latest data. By using the best available data as the project matures, every answer is the best possible answer.

Integrated Analysis Workflows

Using a single consistent platform across all engineering disciplines enables integrated system-level engineering to be performed, with maximum detail carried between analyses. Traditional approaches to engineering have often required simplification of inputs and discipline boundaries, creating unquantified conservatism in the design. Application of a workflow approach removes this barrier between disciplines, and also allows the impact of changes across an entire system to be quickly understood through rapid re-analysis. Ultimately this results in improved system level design, as engineers are better able to optimise the outcomes of the entire system, rather than focussing on only one discipline at a time.


SEA provides teams and specialist support to ensure project execution and delivery as part of independent EPCM or integrated with the client’s existing team, acting directly for and on behalf of the client.

SEA’s team provides expertise across all aspects of project delivery, from project controls, cost management, package management, drafting and scheduling through to discipline expertise and subject matter experts.

SEA provides the seamless link that ensures the project’s engineering requirements are robust, and are reflected in the quality of the delivered product.


SEA’s automated approach to engineering allows us to build and assess thousands of network model iterations to optimise concept field design. Our specialised tooling allows us to break complex network systems into manageable components to model and characterise representative sections of the system.

Flow Assurance & Optimisation

SEA perform steady state and transient flow assurance assessments for network models including the wellbores, jumpers, flowlines and risers. Compatible with third party applications such as Olga & Ledaflow, we capture the behaviour of multiphase and complex fluids including carbon dioxide and hydrogen streams. Our automated approach allows us to assess many iterations of alternate field configurations to optimise the flow assurance performance of the system in concept phase.

Reservoir Integration

Reservoir integration allows the effect of alternate flowline options to be captured on the production through the system. Our reservoir integration allows for the tailored generation of production profiles for various flowline options, allowing system optimisation and identification of preferred options faster than traditionally possible.


SEA’s approach to workflow automation and the inherent flexibility of the ICE Platform allows system engineering and detailed analyses to be coupled, yielding a powerful understanding of multi-system behaviour and enabling system-wide optimisation.

Clients across the globe deploy SEA and the ICE Platform to develop their projects or enhance their delivery, ranging from:

  • Submarine pipeline design, installation and integrity management
  • Riser design, installation and integrity management
  • Integrated vessel, mooring and riser systems
  • Integrated reservoir, flow assurance and production modelling
  • Subsea equipment design, installation and operation
  • Seabed intervention and shore crossings
  • Maritime structures, LNG import & export terminals
  • Offshore wind farms and power cables
  • Subsea control Systems and Umbilicals

Using specialist knowledge and experience to detail and define complex analysis together with efficient and effective data structure and management allows SEA to build, solve and optimise detailed and bespoke analyses then link the outcome from one model to the input of the next.

This enables SEA to delivery complex system analysis from subsea and pipeline networks to floating systems, from flow assurance and mechanical design through to production optimisation.


SEA is a trusted partner for many clients across all project phases for providing expert input into risk assessments and improving understanding of overall system reliability. SEA’s ongoing engagement across multiple clients, projects and regions provides a deep well of experience which ensures a flow of reliable, up-to-date guidance is available to clients.

By remaining active across the operate, construction and design phases, SEA closes the integrity feedback loop to ensure all projects benefit from learnings across all phases.

Building Reliability into Design and Construction

SEA support multiple clients in the design and construction phases with both qualitative assessments and quantitative analysis. Through the project phase SEA provides support with SME participation and/or facilitation of risk workshops (HAZID, HAZOP, constructability, etc).

SEA’s powerful workflow approach to engineering using the ICE platform allows detailed probabilistic assessments (including QRA and SRAs) to be conducted with large quantities of data, enabling an advanced understanding of asset reliability.

Enhancing Reliability through Operations

SEA has extensive experience supporting clients through the operations phase, including RAM, RBI, IMMR risk response and life extension studies. Our capabilities range from providing expert input and workshop facilitation, to driving the entire process including stakeholder pre-engagement, terms of reference, workshop, action close-out, final sign off and implementation.


Early project phases, concept and FEED, benefit greatly from the insight that early detailed discipline assessment provides. We support our clients all project phases through automated engineering analysis with intelligent visualisations, turning data into informed decisions. SEA’s philosophy of automation coupled with the data management provided by the ICE Platform enables system optimisation across all disciplines rather than discrete discipline assessment done in isolation.

Our integrated field development approach links the reservoir to the point of sale. It provides the power of detailed transient flow assurance models, detailed corrosion models, finite element models to be linked and optimised in unison, such that the best multi-discipline outcome for each development option can be determined. Automation and distributed computing enable this to be done rapidly and at a scale unprecedented in early project phases. The robust option comparison and detailed supporting information improves project decision quality, enabling key assurance reviews and gates are met with positive outcomes in less time.