Subsea Engineering Associates has been recognised in the 2016 WA Innovator of the Year Awards for their revolutionary computational system the ICE Platform, winning the Oil and Gas award sponsored by Woodside. SEA has developed its proprietary software platform to enable engineering teams to deliver a step change in value on complex projects.

The ICE platform is a cloud-based intelligent computation, engineering and data platform that allows engineering calculations to be automated and performed at scale, improving quality and vastly reducing the time required to iterate and arrive at a solution. This frees up experienced engineers, who can now spend more of their time seeking insight, iterating and optimising their solutions.

The ICE Platform securely organises and stores subsea asset data, connects it with automation algorithms and provides interactive visualisations that unlock value from engineering calculations and enable solution exploration. The ICE Platform is designed to manage, use and leverage subsea asset data from early stage concept phase through to operations phases. Using industry-standard design codes and calculation procedures, automated engineering on the ICE platform reduces the time needed to iterate on a solution by 100x, which:

  • Provides an unprecedented amount of detailed insight in early concept phases
  • Reduces the cost of exploring alternative answers to optimise the result
  • Enables algorithmic optimisation techniques to be applied
  • Reduces project exposure to change, even in subsequent phases
  • Delivers robust results that enable more development projects to be sanctioned
  • Reduces the cost and time required for all engineering activities in all project phases
  • Allows local engineers to compete with low-cost international offerings, bringing work back to Australia.

Subsea Engineering Associates congratulates all other award finalists, the travel award winner Electronic Pain Assessment Technologies, the category winners Instatruck, The University of Western Australia and the Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority, and the overall winner Fastbrick Robotics. The support of principal WAIOTY sponsor Mitsubishi Corporation and award sponsor Woodside is also appreciated.

For further information on the ICE Platform please contact Nick McNaughton, Technology Manager: