Recently the team at SEA took time out to celebrate 10 years in business, a significant milestone and one that we are especially proud of.

A decade in, SEA has evolved from providing local expertise to LNG project teams and now delivers engineering design and operation support for more than 1,600km of Australian pipeline assets. Internationally, the team has engineered three offshore pipelines in Europe and is now delivering project execution support through the procurement and installation phases.

Meanwhile, the innovative and award-winning ICE Platform technology has been taken from a prototype several years ago to the best-in-class data management and engineering automation solution for subsea systems.

What will the next decade bring? With the continuing growth of digital engineering techniques, the next decade of engineering is unlikely to look much like the previous. SEA will continue to invest in technology development to stay at the forefront of what’s possible, working in partnership with clients to address emerging challenges, optimise developments and accelerate operations.

Thanks go to our hard working team, our clients and suppliers who’ve helped make this first decade a shared success, and a solid foundation for our launch into the next.